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What people say about creating with us...

Working with Kelsey on the development of my small business brand has truly been a delightful collaboration in creativity. As an independent interior designer, the branding of my business needed to be artistic, articulate, and highly expressive of my personality. Kelsey listened intently to my vision and was able to capture the essence of my business in a beautiful branding story. She created the most exquisite business cards EVER, a website, advertising, and letterhead. In addition to her talent and creativity, she is kind, thoughtful, passionate, and attentive to the needs of the client. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Kelsey as I foresee a very bright future for her. Her talent and passion are a gift to the clients she serves.

Marla Axsom, ASID, Marla Axsom Interiors

I was just looking at my brochure and thinking how well it came out and how proud it makes the crew feel of their work. The contributions that you and your team have made really are making a difference in how I (we) feel every week. I truly appreciate your work. Some projects are very transactional, a fee to provide xyz service, others mean more. This one is very personal to me. Warm thanks.


I’ve spent the last decade working in the film industry. I thrive in creating, and enjoy every aspect of the process. Over the years, I have found that as I collaborate with others, the image I start with in my imagination naturally transforms during the process into what ends up being the final product. More often than not, the final outcome requires acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that the imagination is flawless and magical, yet the creative process though magical is not always as flawless. I describe this because while working with Kelsey, I experienced again and again the rare moment of seeing a final product for the first time and having my expectations solidly exceeded. Working with Kelsey I continually have the bar set higher on my own imagination. If you are planing on collaborating with tingtang creative for your for your design needs— prepare for your expectations to be surpassed!

Patrick Lane, Lane Creating

tingtang creative is by far the best designer out of any of our clients!


Working with Kelsey is such a pleasure. She is talented, professional, and very creative. Her attention to detail and execution is flawless and her work stands out above the rest.

Liz Goodman, Gulfshore Life

tingtang creative is a dream to work with. Kelsey is an artist in her craft and is dedicated to creating masterpieces that inspire. Kelsey makes website design look & feel easy and graceful. She helped us better understand the whole process and captured the look and feel of what we were envisioning at every level. She has gone above & beyond in training our team to use the website from the backend & has designed it in a way that allows us to change as we change & grow as a small blooming business. The services Kelsey and tingtang creative offer are ineffable. We humbly bow in gratitude. 

Megan Healey & Kim Nguyen, love yoga center

I have known Kelsey for close to a decade since she was a senior at FGCU. She was my magazine intern at first, but I quickly realized she possessed all the right qualities I was looking for in a young professional: maturity, creativity, people skills, personality, strong work ethic, internally driven, and ambitious. As our business relationship grew, and subsequently our personal friendship, I have been repeatedly amazed at how incredibly talented and creative this young lady is. She has evolved from protégé into a marketing/branding and design leader, and the work she has accomplished beyond our magazine years is a true reflection of a highly collaborative and self-motivated professional.

Linda Donnelly, Donnelly Brand Services

Create with us, because it's fun.
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