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Welcome to the wild world of my imagination.

Sometimes it's imperative that we allow ourselves to sink into a creative flow without any rhyme or reason. In all of today's hustle and bustle, we have a tendency to focus so deeply on creating wealth and stability that we forget to create joy and wonder. 


The ideas behind what have now manifested as this series of digital collages, were stirring inside of my wild mind for years. It feels so good to finally begin, and let some of them out. Almost all of the elements in these edits are photographs from my life’s adventures.

I hope you enjoy this expression of myself, this peek into my psyche, this journal of my photography... this interpretation and display of how I see nature’s beauty.


Kelsey Miklavcic

Creative Director & Founder

Blue Butterfly Robin Perfect Mirror.png
Alexandra Landert Paddling With Portland
Alexandra Landert Paddling With Portland

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We believe in you.
You can do the thing!
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